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【球鞋資訊】Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Perspective”& “Detail”

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【Nike Kobe 9 Elite】

Nike 分別公怖了“Perspective” (左)& “Detail”(右) 兩個 Nike Kobe 9 Elite的色款。
“Perspective” (左)
將於2014年3月8日上架, 而“Detail”(右)將於2014年3月22日上架,

Kobe 9 Elite主要以Flyknit 和碳纖作球鞋結構為賣點, 同時也是繼Kobe 3之後的第一雙高筒Kobe系列球鞋, 提供更大保護性。
鞋底亦有別於上幾代或其他球鞋以KOBE的腳掌分析設計出來, 特別且美觀。

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【Source from Nike insider】


This Nike Kobe 9 Elite is inspired by a famous Spanish cubist painter, whose artwork during this time featured shades of Blue and Blue-Green. This Spaniard had versatility beyond painting with his sculpting, ceramics and printmaking similar to Kobe Bryant’s game on the court.

The Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Perspective” features a Neon Turquoise upper with Volt accents for a nice pop finished with graphic designs on each side built with both Flyknit and Carbon Fiber. Look for the “Perspective” Nike Kobe 9 Elite to launch at select Nike Basketball accounts on March 8th.

With Kobe Bryant’s Italian roots, the Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Detail” is inspired by one of the greatest artists of all time. An Italian Renaissance artist who reigned supreme in the 1500′s know primarily for his life-like human sculptures.


This Nike Kobe 9 Elite features a full Grey base with sculpture-like detailing throughout finished with Black hits. The Nike Kobe 9 Elite “Detail” will officially be launched by Nike Basketball on March 22nd.



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